A few years ago...

About Me

I am an experienced visual designer with eighteen years of professional experience, most of which have been focused on the web.

I began in a traditional print environment, working with four color processes, color separation and printouts. I transitioned into the web while working for the New England alternative weekly, The Boston Phoenix. They needed help out designing web ads for the few clients who were paying at the time - escorts.

After my stint designing 'massage' ads, I joined the internet group as the sole designer for a series of personals web sites. With my design background, I learned about the web from developers, which gave me a technical understanding into how web pages work, how to code and optimize, and that what looks 'pretty' on paper may not be feasible on the web.

The web has come a long way from dial-up modems and WebTV and I have too, both through practical experience and through classes. I now work using the user-centered design process, create wireframes, use best SEO practices and have become a Certified Usability Analyst.

I love the fact that the web is ever-changing, and thus, I need to be too.